Families need the message of Jesus

The message of Jesus is powerful and has the ability to transform hearts and minds. But sharing the good news of the Gospel isn't always easy in a culture that is often at odds with our faith. Now more than ever Canadian families need to hear about Jesus and the impact he can have in their lives.

That's why Focus on the Family Canada remains committed to unapologetically sharing the truth of the Bible, regardless of cultural trends. Our core belief is that the ultimate purpose in life is to know God and attain eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. We believe this starts in the family and then reaches out to the people around us who need to know his love and sacrifice.

Will you join us today by making a donation that will enable more families to encounter the hope and forgiveness Jesus offers them?

Your donation will allow the Focus on the Family Broadcast to air on radio stations across Canada. So often we hear from people who tuned in at "just the right time" to hear a message that was "just for them." Here's what one person shared:

"Thank you so much for offering programming for real-world everyday situations with a Christian perspective and Christ-based solutions to trials and problems. I am forever grateful."

By donating, you'll also be introducing children to Jesus. The resources we create for kids are not only intended to be entertaining and fun, but to introduce them to Jesus and grow their faith in him. Through Adventures in Odyssey, Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines, and our Kids of Integrity website, children are encountering Jesus.

Will you donate today so Focus on the Family Canada can continue to be beacon of light, sharing the message of Jesus with people across Canada?

Yes, I want to share the message of Jesus with families so they can be transformed by his grace, truth and love!
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